Duke University MBA Program: Rankings, Tution Fees, Acceptance Rate, 2021 New Admission Notification

Duke University MBA Program: Rankings, Tution Fees, Acceptance Rate, 2021 New Admission Notification

Written by Sayan Pal

November 28, 2020


Duke University MBA Program Introduction:

Duke’s Fuqua school of business has provided a full-fledged daytime MBA program for the students. The MBA degree is mostly designed for students who want to develop their leadership skills, this program enhances the fundamental business skills and perceptions which are necessary for the students if they want to leave their mark upon the growing business world.

Furthermore, the program is the platform to develop an analytical mindset, as well as the opportunity to enhance the capability of the mind to accept and access diverse perspectives. The working method which is taught here is basically to take out the best from others, which helps the students capable of leading the business world to carry out any project with the help of their colleagues.

At the end of this program, every student will come out as a leader inspiring the business sectors and organizations to do much better than they are performing now.

The curriculum provides 16 diverse courses, has fewer core classes and will permit every student to select electives soon.

There are more than 60 clubs developed and organized by the students completely so students can start any initiatives which can be helpful for their future professional career. 

This program is not just about theoretical knowledge, the classroom instructions are incorporated with experimental and research-oriented learning opportunities which help you to use the learned skills in the practical world.

The routine based class curriculum helps the students to stay in Durham over the weekend which helps to generate bonding between the students and the teachers.

There are specialized faculty members in the career management center who are always ready to counsel students to guide them in their academic and professional world. Furthermore, more than 200 companies come every year here for on-campus recruitment.

Duke Day-Time MBA program structure:

Program format:

The structure of the MBA program is designed in a way that provides opportunities for the students to learn and gather experience by venturing outside of the comfort zone. The classes will encourage every student to take initiative and to work on the diverse skill sets that they need in their future professional or academic careers.

The program begins with the intense and compact orientation and immersion in a hands-on program consisting of three courses which encourage leadership as well as management skills.  

The course is constructed to expand the perspective of the mind, obstructing our way of thinking, the curriculum prepares the students for a wonderful journey of 2 years.

The term structure which is four 6-week terms of MBA classes and each class meets twice a week for 2 hours and 15 minutes. This class schedule provides the opportunity for the students to take up a large variety of courses and pursue the electives sooner, through which the students can prepare themselves for the upcoming internships.

All the first-year students are instructed to form groups of four-five pupils so that they can complete group assignments for many courses. Your team will be optimized so that you can learn to work collaboratively with the pupils whose work structures, learning methodology, research capability everything is different from you.

The main aim of the group assignments is to take out every team member’s capabilities and take forward the entire group to achieve a common purpose.

The program curriculum:

One of the popular mottos about this program is “the daytime MBA isn’t designed for you-it’s designed by you”. Students who are enrolled in the Duke University MBA program can customize the program and the curriculum so that they can experience new perspectives. There are 13 compulsory core classes and a vast collection of more than 100 elective classes from which each student can choose their desired topics.

Fuqua school of business doesn’t specialize on developing one particular skill-set so students can venture many other perspectives of business management which eventually help students in their professional journeys.

The students who have learned subjects like finance, statistics, or other core courses can give a demonstration on that particular course, by giving that demonstration the students can obtain relaxation from that course which can be used to study deep in more advanced core subjects or electives.

Courses offered in Duke University MBA:

The vast selection of the courses, available to the students are:

  1. Accounting
  2. Decision sciences
  3. Economics
  4. Energy and development
  5. Finance
  6. Health sector management
  7. Leadership
  8. Management and organizations
  9. Marketing 
  10. Operations management
  11. Strategy

Duke MBA Admission procedure:

Personal information needed:

  1. Academic background
  2. Transcripts
  3. Employment history
  4. Business resume
  5. Activities and achievements
  6. Self-reported test scores
  7. Essays

Your choices for:

  1. Preferred interview location
  2. Dual degrees (if applicable)
  3. Concentration or concentrations (not required)
  4. Certificates or MSTeM tracks (not required)

Application process:

Firstly, the students who are applying for this program need to create a profile and get a PIN to access the system. 

Secondly, the student can see and changes the input data of the application as many times as he/she wants before the final submission of the application

Thirdly, the verification of the application will not happen until  the student submit it finally along with all the necessary materials 

To apply online, click here

Application requirements:

  1. Transcripts
  2. Questions and essays
  3. 1-page business resume
  4. Letters of recommendation
  5. Test scores
  6. Application fee
  7. Interview process
  8. Early action interviews

Duke University MBA Eligibility criteria:

Fuqua business school of Duke University accepts GMAT, GRE and, Executive Assessment scores, the scores of those tests will be valid for 5 years, the official score report needs to be submitted only at the time of admission.

There is no minimum score requirement.

The university will accept scores up to 5 years old.  

Duke MBA costs:

The approximate one year cost for attending the daytime MBA class:

  1. Tuition fee: 70,000(USD)
  2. Medical insurance and other fees: 7716(USD)
  3. Educational supplies: 624 (USD)
  4. Estimated living expenses: 18990(USD)
  5. The total cost of attendance: 97,330 (USD)

Duke MBA Class profile:

  1. Class size: 408
  2. Average age: 29
  3. Average years of work experience: 5.6
  4. Average  undergraduate GPA(MIDDLE 80%): 3.07-3.86
  5. GMAT Range: 660-740
  6. Women: 46%
  7. Married: 21%
  8. Minority: 38%
  9. Underrepresented minority students: 23%
  10. International citizens: 38%
  11.  Undergraduate institutions represented: 40+
  12. Countries of citizenship: 11

Duke University MBA Ranking: 

Duke University, Fuqua school of business holds 13th  overall ranking all over the world.

Duke University MBA Acceptance rate: 

The acceptance rate for this program is 24% and there is no minimum requirement for the GMAT score.

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