Georgia Tech MBA Program: Rankings, Cost, Application Deadline, 2021 New Admission Notification

Georgia Tech MBA Program: Rankings, Cost, Application Deadline, 2021 Batch Admission Notification

Written by Sayan Pal

November 28, 2020



Tech Scheller College of Business, Georgia has provided a specialized MBA degree program which develops the students for their future leadership careers. The Georgia Tech MBA program which is 22 months in duration, prepares every student to manage and co-operate with challenging business life in this globally thriving profession.

It is one of the main priorities  of this program to develop analytical skills among every student so that they can observe and analyse the business opportunities. This program is the platform through which a student can lift his/her careers to new heights.    

This MBA program also provides the students special guidance in different areas:

  1. Students are  guided towards a planned and programmed professional career strategy, they are notified about the job targets as well as the various career goals which can be obtained after completing the MBA program.
  2. Students are trained throughout this program for the various job interviews. They are also guided and well informed about the globally increasing job market.
  3. Students can observe various recruitment opportunities for both summer internship and other post-graduate employment.

The special career advisors are always there for the students  throughout the two-year program, every student is known personally to the advisor so that they can help them to plan a professional career plan, based on the student’s individual strengths.

Program structure

This program is specially designed for the students of any disciple, there is no requirement of any specific background, students from any subject or course can study the techniques of dealing  business and technology.

In this program, students can choose and study elective courses as well as core courses to develop innovative skills and capabilities. In the classroom the students have the opportunity to learn extracurricular research based learning which helps them to build their professional network. 

The Georgia Tech MBA program is based upon 54 credit score: 12 core courses (21 credit courses) and 11 electives (33 credit hours). 

22-Month Full-time MBA Course plan


  1. Financial and managerial accounting I (full semester)
  2. Analytical tools for decision support (first half) 
  3. Leading people and organizations (first half)
  4. Principles of finance (first half)
  5. Managerial economics (first half)
  6. Operations Management (second half)
  7. Managing information resources (second half)
  8. Marketing management (second half)
  9. Business communications (second half)


  1. Strategic management (full semester): 3 hours
  2. Legal and ethical considerations: 1.5 hours
  3. Considerations
  4. Elective
  5. Elective
  6. elective


  1. Leadership assessment workshop
  2. International elective
  3. Elective
  4. Elective
  5. Elective


  1. Elective
  2. Elective
  3. Elective
  4. elective

Experience based learning

The unique network that this program conductors build with the world wide business and start-up communities, gives the students an unlikely opportunity to study MBA experiential learning which trains them to lead their way in their future professional careers. In this  by experience based learning, students develop the perspective to apply academic theories to real professional problems.  

Core and elective courses

The core curriculum that this program provides is the academic base for every student and the electives are a method to sketch the MBA program for a more career and interest oriented purpose.

Core courses:

Every student starts this full-time program through the core courses which provides the students a concrete base in the technical areas of business management.

The MBA core curriculum has 12 courses (21 semester hours). The core classes are discussed above.


Electives are provided so that the students can gain a larger perspective about the different sectors of business management. There are 11 elective courses for the students (33 hours of electives) including one mandatory  international business course. 

One of the most unique factors of the Georgia Tech MBA program is it’s flexibility. Students can design their own course work and customize  their own way of education by taking electives across a vast diverse field of studies. Through choosing the electives of their interests , students can develop in particular areas of the MBA program. 

The faculty members always encourage the students to strategize a program of study that will best be compatible with their future professional careers.

The course staff is always enthusiastic to advise the students, how to design their curriculum.

Admission process

The Georgia Tech MBA program takes admission once in a year, the admission process starts in the fall, the program consists of two parts.

  1. A complete program application
  2. An admission interview

The admission for this program is competitive, and the selectors review every aspect and data of the application. The data helps the authority to evaluate the inner skills and potentials of the applicant.

How to apply for this program

The full-time MBA application consists of two essays, a resume demonstrating applicant’s post-graduate work experience, transcript from college or university that he/she attended, two letters of recommendation, official GRE or GMAT scores from within the past five years and an application fee.

The full-time MBA program will be conducting an entrance test optional admission process for fall 2021 enrollment.

To apply for the Georgia Tech MBA program, Click here

Application deadline

The admission process consists of five rounds and every round has their own deadlines. The deadlines are:

  1. Round 1: October 1, 2020
  2. Round 2: December 4, 2020
  3. Round 3: February 2, 2021 
  4. Round 4: April 1, 2021
  5. Round 5: June 1, 2021

Eligibility criteria

Any applicant with a bachelor’s degree (from all backgrounds) is welcome to apply for this program. There is a greater opportunity to succeed for those students who have done their post graduation and have full time work experience before joining this program. Usually the students who join this program  have gained five years of post graduate work experience.

 Official GMAT or GRE marks have validity for five years, and this program accepts the highest overall marks of every applicant.

Acceptance rate

  1. Acceptance rate:  34.5%
  2. Average GMAT score:  681
  3. GMAT Range:  625-730

Georgia Tech MBA Institute Ranking

Georgia Institute of Technology (Scheller) is ranked 27th among business schools, and the part time MBA program holds 19th position.


The annual tuition and other fees  of the Georgia Tech MBA program 2020-2021 are:

  1. Tuition fees: $29,508 (GA resident) or $40,502 (non resident)
  2. Mandatory fees: $2194
  3. Estimated books and supplies: $800
  4. Estimated housing: $9658
  5. Estimated meal plan: $5172
  6. Estimated personal costs: $3200

The Georgia Tech MBA class profile

Class of 2021:

Average age: 28

Women: 40%

U.S Minorities: 17%

International: 22%

Veterans: 9%

Admission statistics (class of 2021)

GMAT score: 620-720

GRE quantitative score: 151-167

GRE verbal score: 152-163

Years of experience: Average 5

Undergraduate GPA:  2.7-3.8

Campus Gallery

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