Why an MD MBA program is the right choice for your career?


Written by Debadrita Saha

January 31, 2021


What is MD MBA?

Before we delve any further, let me explain it to you that an MD MBA program is a combined course of two degrees-MD from a School of Medicine and MBA from an affiliated Business School. Naturally, you will ask why you should study an MBA, a business course alongside MD, the field of medicine where your main focus is. 

Well, the medical profession is constantly evolving and professionals in this field are constantly required to make tough fiscal choices regarding the administration of the workplace apart from displaying their skill set in the medical field. Hence, MD MBA programs are in demand and a growing number of colleges, like Harvard, John Hopkins and the University Of Southern California are offering this combined degree.

Course Structure

The entire course structure of MD MBA program is designed for 5 years. You have to study for three years or two years at the School of Medicine, then, you will be required to take a full-year course at the Business school for an MBA degree. In the fifth and final year, you will resume studying for the MD and only in the final spring semester, you have to resume MBA coursework to complete your dual degree. 

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for MD MBA program varies from university to university. For New York University Stern, you have to be an undergraduate student in your third year at the NYU Medicine School to be eligible for the dual degree. If you are applying for the John Hopkins University MD MBA degree, you will have to fulfil the eligibility criteria of both the Medical School of Genes to Society and the John Hopkins business school MBA program. 

Same goes for Harvard, where the eligibility criteria are separate for the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Medicine School. For those applying for the joint degree program at the University of Southern California, you have to study for at least two years at the KECK school of Medicine before you can get enrolled into the Marshall School of Business. 

Apart from the respective eligibility criteria for each institution, application for a dual MD MBA degree mandates scores of specific tests. For NYU Stern, they require the score of the MCAT exam. For students from abroad, the TOEFL or IELTS score is applicable. Same goes for John Hopkins University. At the University of Southern California, they ask for either GMAT or GRE scores. The University of Pennsylvania asks for both MCAT and GMAT, for you have to apply separately at the Medical School and Business School.

Some establishment might also require information about your prior work experience, preferably an internship or full-time employment, like the Boston University, where you need to provide evidence of an internship in the health sector that spanned for 400 hours.

How to apply

To apply for the joint degree of MD MBA program, you need to have the following documents:

  • Your curriculum vitae or resume
  • Letter(s) of recommendation. Usually, most institutions ask for two letters of recommendation, one from any faculty member of your previous college/university and the other from a current advisor.
  • Transcripts of your academic record at the undergraduate level
  • Two essays as required by the institute. The first essay normally asks you to describe the reasons for your choice of MD MBA at the university you have applied. It will also ask you to state your professional aspirations upon successful completion of this program. In the second essay, they ask for additional information about yourself and your academic career, any lapses that have occurred and so on. You can also explain your inability to produce any of the letters of recommendations, if it occurs, in this essay.

Once you have the documents at hand, you have to create an account with the online registration portal of the institution and create an account. Now you have to fill in all the details and submit the documents as required. 

Admission procedure

The admission procedure is divided into two sections- the application screening part and the interview. Let’s see how these are executed-

Application screening: Once you have filled up the form for dual degree enrolment at an institution of your preference, you have to submit it and also a request to the associate medicine office of registration and student records committee, if required. Now you have to wait for the merit list of candidates selected for the second round- the interview. The review of the application is done by both the medicine and the business school.

Interview process: After your application has been reviewed, you will be invited for an interview, if selected in the first round. The scheduling details will be sent to you via the mail id you provided. Normally the interviews last for an hour where you will be asked questions by faculty members.

Course fee

Usually, you have to pay course fees for either the medical school or the business school- the one through you are registered for a semester. In the Harvard MD MBA program, for example, you have to pay the full course fees for Harvard Medical School for the first three years. In the fourth year, you will pay the course fee for the Harvard Business School where you will be registered. The course fee is 63, 400 US dollars for the HMS, and 73440 US dollars for the HBS. However, you can apply for a waiver of tuition fees through the financial aid program of the individual institute.

Application deadline

The application deadline is also different for different universities. At the University of Southern California, you have to apply by April 1 of the current academic year. For NYU Stern, it is December 15 of each year. John Hopkins University requires the candidates to submit two applications. The first one, AMCAS, has to b submitted by October 15. The secondary application, the one to the John Hopkins School of Medicine, must be submitted by November 1.

An MD MBA degree will ultimately help you achieve your goals in the medical sector faster than your competitors. Not only will you be able to focus on healthcare matters, but also make the right decision regarding business deals. So, don’t hesitate and enrol for an MD MBA program now!

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