MIT Executive MBA: Acceptance Rate, Eligibility Criteria, Cost, Ranking, Application Deadline (2021 Update)

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Written by Debadrita Saha

November 25, 2020


MIT Executive MBA Prgram

An MBA can give your career the boost that you need to succeed in the corporate world. Many business schools offer the MBA Course but MIT offers the best executive MBA course. Here are some of the highlights of the MIT Executive MBA course.

Course Structure

The total MBA course is designed for 20 months. You will study the following four modules as part of the MIT Executive MBA course,

  • Leadership with Integrative Management
  • Innovation Driven Entrepreneurial Advantage
  • Leading in a Global Context
  • Leading with Impact 

These modules provide a deep insight into the subject and during each module, you will be well connected to your fellow students and the teachers in the MIT Executive MBA community. Each module will take six to nine days and in that period, one student will have to complete a project along with other students. In the evening there will be events that a student can attend.

In the MIT executive MBA, a student also gets the chance to learn additional things. Along with the earlier mentioned modules a student can choose elective subjects to study. There are two windows when a student can opt for the elective courses. The first one is in January and the other one is in the final semester which is in the Spring. 

A student can take up to two elective subjects. A topic has to be chosen by the whole class. A single student can’t decide to take a particular subject to study. The additional courses on offer in the MIT Executive MBA include Organizational Processes, Risk Management, Competitive Strategy free other. MIT has a great relationship with Harvard, so while you are at MIT, you can also cross-register yourself for the classes in Harvard’s full-time MBA program.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure to get selected for the MIT Executive MBA course is a little longer. As part of the admission process, a candidate has to write three essays. The topics of the essays are designed in such a way so that the admission committee can know you better.

The first essay that one has to write is based on leadership ability as it is an integral part of the MBA curriculum to create leaders with great innovative ability.  The topic of the first essay is ‘Tell us about a time when you made an impact through your leadership’.  

It is important to have the commitment of diversity and equity and well being to provide seamless management and great leadership in every possible way. They choose the second essay in such a manner that it is ‘Describe a time when you contributed toward making a work environment or organization more welcoming and diverse’.

In the third essay, you have to describe a time when you introduced an idea that changed the way your organization approached a business challenge or opportunity. You have to write about the factors you considered before making the decision and also about the barriers and obstacles you faced in the process. 

The first two articles can have a maximum word limit of 250 words. The last one has a maximum word limit of 500 words.

Along with that, you must submit the statement of purpose, employment history, your previous course transcripts and grade reports and at least two letters of recommendation.

Eligibility Criteria

As the MIT executive MBA course is rigorous, an applicant must have the following criteria to join the MBA program offered by MIT. You will be considered eligible if you are working for a certain period in a well-known organization or a start-up.  An applicant must match the following categories to be considered as eligible,

• He or she should be employed in a company on a full-time basis.

• Candidates must have at least ten years of job experience after post-graduation. Candidates with less than ten years of job experience are considered on a case by case basis.

• An applicant should have good communication skills in English language and also needs to hold good writing skills in English.

• Candidates must possess an undergraduate degree or the equivalent to that with a GPA of 3.54. 

• He or she needs to have the aptitude of succession in any of the rigorous academic courses. 

• Application should have a combination of abilities like string leadership, functionalities expertise, innovation and global perspective. 

How to Apply

As most of the MBA students decide to do an MBA whole they are in the work field, so for them, it is really difficult to understand the application process. You can go to the official website of the MIT EMBA program from any device with an internet connection. Once you register your interest for studying MIT executive MBA by filling an online form then your application will be submitted. If you are eligible to apply then you will receive a call from the business school. 

You have to fill the form with some useful information like your name, email address, country, job, job position, years of experience along with few others. After that, if considered eligible you will have to write essays and then you will be called for an interview. During this whole process, you can call in the helpline number anytime regarding your doubts and queries. Email id can also be used to contact for any queries. 

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If the class of 2021 is considered then a student has to pay a total amount of almost 178300 US dollars. The total amount is taken not only as tuition fee. A student will also get textbooks along with other academic materials. He or she will also get the facility of travel expenditure during the Global Labs Project trip. Although hotel stays are not included in this fee. If you feel that there is any need for health insurance, you have to pay for it separately.

Application Deadline

There are three rounds in this application process. One in October, the second one is in January and the last one is in April. The deadlines are respectively October1,2020; January 19,2021; April 12,2021. All applications should be submitted by 3:00 pm in EST.


The MIT Executive MBA course that the business school offers holds an overall rank of 16 and has a regional rank of 14 among the top 100 business schools that offer the MBA course.

Acceptance Rate 

MIT Executive MBA program has a low acceptance rate compared to other business schools. It has an acceptance rate of 11.6% only. You need to secure at least a score of 740 in the GMAT exam to be considered as eligible for the course.

You should choose MIT executive MBA as we have the best faculties and provide adequate knowledge about the subjects. We have a great placement record as 100% of our last batch students are placed in various parts of the world. So enrol now before it is too late. 

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