NC State MBA: Acceptance Rate, Admission Procedure, Eligibility Criteria, Ranking, Application Deadline, Tution Fees (2021 Update)

NC State MBA: Acceptance Rate, Admission Procedure, Eligibility Criteria, Ranking, Application Deadline, Tution Fees

Written by Debadrita Saha

December 6, 2020


Essentials Details To Know About NC State MBA

Nowadays, most companies require a person with the skills to manage a business. Nothing can be better than doing an MBA from a reputed institute to hone your business management skills. Since 2002, NC State Jenkins University has been offering an intellectual, engaging, and extensive curriculum in business management. The course perfectly combines educational knowledge, practical experience, and an affordable course fee. The technically advanced projects will give you an idea of the global marketplace. 

Course Structure

The entire MBA course is designed for 21 months. A student studies the following as part of the NC State MBA course:

  1. Efficacy of success in a managerial career: In this course, you will learn the tools to analyze and assess the core strengths, drawbacks, weaknesses, and the impact of a managerial position on your career.
  2. Critical Reasoning for Managers: By applying the framework of critical thinking, the foundations of which were laid by Paul and Elder, you will learn how to evaluate any claim made in any text or speech, and decide the best approach based on your reasoning.
  3. Finance and Accounting: To take this course, you must successfully pass the Mathematics modules of your MBA curriculum. This course will make you adept at tabulating fiscal events and enrich your knowledge of accounting and the preparation of economic reports.
  4. Accounting for Managers: If you are a freshman in accountancy, then by the end of this course, you will have an idea of how to identify and allocate data on income and expenses within the framework of a business operation and evaluate the final performance.

Eligibility Criteria 

A candidate shall be considered to be eligible for the NC State MBA course if they match the following eligibility criteria.

The applicant must possess a four-year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent US degree) from any college or university of regional accreditation. International applicants must have a three-year bachelor’s degree along with a GPA score of 4.0.

The applicant also needs to complete an undergraduate level course in statistics with a minimum C grade score. 

Admission Procedure 

The NC State Jenkins MBA does not restrict the admission of a prospective student to their Grade Point Average or the marks of GRE and/or GMAT exams. Your academic record, fitness, core skills, and previous job experience will also be considered by the authorities.

Overall, admission occurs in two main steps:

  1. The application part: In this step, you have to register on the official website of NC State MBA and fill-up the form that they provide. You also have to upload vital documents, which include your curriculum vitae, mandatory essays, and transfer certificates from your former alma mater. Once you have submitted your application, you have to wait for a call for an interview from the Admissions Committee.
  1. The interview: It usually takes place after 8 weeks from the last date of submission of application. You will receive an invitation for application via email, where you will get all details of the interview schedule. Depending on availability, the committee will interview you on location, or over an online video-call, usually via Zoom. 

The entire procedure takes approximately half an hour and you will be assessed on core topics like aim in career, leadership skills, ability to work in a team, and experience in this field.

How To Apply 

The application to the NC State Jenkins MBA is a step-by-step and rigorous process. In their online application section, they will ask you to sign up first. You will have to enter basic details like your email address, birth date, and name first. Once you have successfully registered an account, you have to upload some essential documents listed here:

  • A resume that does not extend beyond two pages. Your resume for employment interviews will be a good fit.
  • Two essays to be uploaded in the MBA subpart. In one of these essays, you have to put down your achievements and aspirations. None of the essays should take any more than two pages.
  • A transcript, official or unofficial. While unofficial transcripts will let you sail through the admissions process, once you get admitted, you have to send your official copy of the transcript to the graduate school.
  • Two letters of recommendation about your professionalism from a previous supervising guide.
  • Marks obtained in the GRE or GMAT exam. 
  • If you are an international applicant, you need to provide your score in the TOEFL or IELTS exam too.

Once you have filled up the application form, you have to pay a non-refundable amount of 75 US dollars, if you are a US citizen or a permanent resident of the country. For external students from abroad, the amount is 85 dollars. After a successful transaction, you will be able to take out a printout of the application. 

To apply for the program, click here

Application Deadline 

The good news about NC State MBA is that it does not have a singular deadline for submission of application. There are a total of 3 rounds within which you can upload the form. The first round ends on October 26, 2020, and the decision will be notified in the second week of December 2020. For the second round, the deadline is 12 January 2021, and the decision announcement will occur on the first week of March. The last date for the third round is 8 March 2021 and you will get notified about the status of your application by 13 April.

Tution Fees

If you are an in-state student, then you need to pay a tuition fee of $51,595 for pursuing your Full-Time MBA program. In the case of out-state students, the fee for out-state students will be an average of $87,217. Based on the university guidelines, the tuition fee will increase by 3% every year. In case you are a citizen of the USA but do not reside in North Carolina, your tuition fee will decrease in the second year of your MBA after being qualified as a North Carolina resident. During your admission, you have to pay a one-time fee of $100 to the MBA Student Association. This fee will be used for arranging MBA social club activities, professional programs, and social events for students.    

Ranking of NC State MBA

According to an issue of Princeton Review in 2020, the NC State Jenkins MBA program has acquired the 21st position among the best entrepreneurship graduate programs. The 2020 issue of Garter has considered this MBA course to be 10th among Supply Chain Graduate Programs In the USA.  

Acceptance Rate 

NC State Jenkins University accepts around 45% of the total number of applicants. Therefore, it has quite a high acceptance rate compared to other business management schools. The average GMAT score that you will need to get admission in the MBA program is 625. 

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At NC State Jenkins University, you will benefit from the best balance of interactive teaching, methodological research, and critical engagement with other talents. Once you emerge with an NC State MBA degree, you are sure to take over any corporate organization with your admirable leadership and teamwork skills. 

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