New York University MBA : Essential Details You Should Know About (2021 Update)


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November 24, 2020



MBA is one of the most sought after educational degrees of current times. Studying an MBA not only helps you to gain theoretical knowledge but also offers you a glimpse of the professional world. NYU MBA can be the most suitable option if you are in search of an advanced professional MBA course. 

At NYU MBA, we try to concentrate on the demands of individual students and prepare them for the real world of business administrators. By connecting ambitious and talented individuals from all across the globe, we have become the top institution for pursuing MBA. 

Programs Offered By NYU Stern MBA 

  • Full-Time MBA: The Full-Time MBA program offered by NYU has a total duration of 2 years with 60 credits. Students can pursue the NYU MBA program in their respective areas of interest, including
  1. Consulting 
  2. Entertainment and Media 
  3. Finance 
  4. Healthcare 
  5. Luxury Retail 
  6. Marketing 
  7. Real Interest 
  8. Social Enterprise 
  9. Technology
  • Tech MBA: The Tech MBA is a one year specialised MBA program that mainly focuses on students who possess a passion for technology. The total credits for Tech MBA are 52. In this program, students are provided with the tools of business to take their career forward in the industry. 
  • Part-Time MBA: If you are already working in the professional field, then the NYU Part-Time MBA program is also a suitable course to pursue. Students can complete the course between 2 to 6 years. In case of the NYU Part-time MBA, the admission takes place, particularly during the fall and spring seasons.  Students are offered 60 credits at the end of the course. The classes for NYU Part-time MBA take place on weeknights or Saturdays. 
  • Dual Degrees: NYU Stern MBA also has the option to pursue dual degree programs through which you can get a more enriching learning experience within a particular period. Get both management skills and vast knowledge!
  1. MD/MBA
  2. JD/MBA
  3. MB/MFA
  4. Finance/MBA 
  5. MBA/MPA 
  6. Biology/MBA 
  8. DDS/MBA
  • Fashion & Luxury MBA: The fashion industry is one of the growing businesses in the world. This 1-year specialised NYU MBA program provides you with essential tools to grow in the Fashion and Luxury Industry. Students will get 52 credits after the completion of the course. 

Eligibility Criteria

To get a chance to study in NYU, you have to have an average score in the GMAT exam of 723. For the previous few years, the NYU Stern MBA program accepts only 29 per cent of all the applicants as there are only 317 seats. The average score in the GMAT in the past years has stayed in between 690 and 760. 

Not only GMAT but NYU also selects students for the MBA programme based on their GRE score. There are no particular years of work experience required to get yourself enrolled for the MBA programme, but on average, most of the applicants have a work experience of at least 5 years. 

You must have a GPA of at least 3.6 in your undergraduate course to get considered as eligible for studying the time. We accept candidate applications from all backgrounds. We have students from Engineering background, science background and also from a humanities background. International students and also who have dual citizenship can also apply for the course in the NYU Stern.

Application Criteria and Guidelines

The application process consists of four rounds. At first a candidate needs to fill an online form with his biographical details. After that, for further process, candidates need to submit a good resume, an essay, and previous work history if he or she has any job experience and also two letters of recommendation. 

Applicants also require the final results and transcripts from all the institutions mentioned in their bio and resume. GMAT or GRE exam scores are also checked during the admission process.

In case of international students IELTS score and TOEFL scores are checked as part of the admission process. You have to pay 250 US dollars during the process, which is non refundable. If you are eligible then you will be called for an interview. Candidates who are Afro-American or Hispanic-American or Native American can also apply for the course via consortium for the graduate study in management. 

The application window closes at times in mid October, mid November, mid January and mid March. 

To apply for NYU MBA, you can go to the official link

Fees Structure

The fees structure is pretty simple. One student has to pay 76780 US dollars per year as tuition fees while studying for the NYU Stern’s MBA program. If one student decides to live in the hostel during the course then he or she has to pay a total amount of 119251 US dollars per year including the living expenses.

Career Services

After completing your NYU MBA, there are some attractive opportunities that you can gain from Stern’s office of career development. It is entirely optional and up to the candidate whether he wants to sign up for that or not. The office of career development offers a two-year program consisting of career workshops, mock interviews, resume review and even industry panels. 

With the career workshop, you can gain a clear perspective about your future work field. A decent amount of mock interviews will be conducted so that you get used to the environment inside an interview room. With resume reviews, you can present yourself properly to the interviewers. 

Students can also opt to work individually with NYU MBA career coaches or with the career counsellors in the office of career development. One can gather specific knowledge about the process of job searching. The alumni of NYU Stern also join the current students in Industry Captains in Residence and provide them insight about the following career and also offer some expert advice. 

All along the course, students get exposure through multiple events where they can meet recruiters. The events mostly include career fairs, networking receptions and company presentations. The NYU Stern MBA also has an on-campus interview facility. For the first-year students, it starts in early January, and for the students in the second year, it begins in the first week of October.

Career Statistics

From the class of 2019, almost 45% of the students have chosen to consult as their career. As many as 31% of the students have chosen their career in financial services. The other popular career options that the students have chosen are research, sales and trading, corporate finance and a few others.

Most of the NYU MBA students decided to do a job in the U.S. Among these students, 75% of them got the job in the northeast region where most of the graduates are placed not only from our institution but from other business schools also. Among the remaining, 15 per cent of students are placed in the western part of the USA. 

Others have settled in the Midwest, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic or the South region. Students who have opted to work in the international market have chosen mostly Asia and Europe. These two continents claim nearly 6% and 3% students respectively. The average salary, in the beginning, is almost 135300 US dollars.

Why Should You Choose NYU MBA? 

  • According to the ratings given by SSRN, NYU has achieved Rank 1 among the best 1000 US business schools based on the search report of the past 12 months. ( September 2020)
  • It achieved 2nd rank in the world for research productivity. It has contributed to the A level journals in between the years 2015 to 2019. 
  • Based on the report of the last 5 years, 94% of the 2 year MBA students have received jobs within 3 months after finishing the course. 
  • The average work experience in an Executive MBA class is around 14 years. 
NYU Stern MBA Details

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