Quantic Smartly MBA: Every details you should know before taking this Free MBA with Review

Quantic Smartly MBA Free Online MBA Executive MBA Review

Written by Debadrita Saha

November 28, 2020


Essential Details To Know About The Quantic Smartly MBA

Are you thinking about switching your career path? Then Doing MBA from an online business school can be the right decision to make. More than often, we feel doubtful about the worth of such online MBA courses.  Are they beneficial? However, with Smartly MBA, you can now get rid of your speculations and pursue a worthwhile MBA course from a business school online.  

What Is Smartly MBA? 

Smartly is an accumulation of different education platforms that have successfully created an effective career network called Smartly Talent. Smartly MBA overcomes the shortcomings of usual online MBA courses that lack the advantage of in-person learning. It boasts of an active community of students to incorporate motivation and a real sense of belonging among them. Quantic, the online business school of Smartly, follows a network first approach and has achieved success in its purpose of imparting practical knowledge within a brief timespan.  

How Does Smartly MBA Work?

Quantic, the world-class online business school of Smartly, is equipped with a technology-based interactive website and mobile platform. It is a mobile-first educational program which concentrates on comprehensive student experience, a career network and in-person meetings. The program also includes specific virtual conferences which help to enhance the knowledge of students. By going through a simple application process, you can enrol for the Smartly MBA course and take your career to a new direction. 

Smartly assures that after the completion of their MBA program, you will find yourself in a better position in your career. The students of Smartly MBA can also make use of Smartly Network to interact with employers and find suitable jobs after finishing the course. 

Types Of Smartly MBA 

To cater to the demands of different types of students, Smartly has come up with different types of MBA programs which include- 

  • Free MBA Program 
  • Executive MBA Program

Free MBA Program Of Smartly 

The free MBA program of Smartly is free but selective in its approach. However, if you are selected in the admission process, you can truly pursue the course without spending a single penny. 

Mission Of The Free MBA Program 

The purpose of the Smartly Free MBA program is to transform the landscape of higher education. It has made an MBA degree more accessible and affordable for students. 

Criteria Of Admission 

The free MBA program mainly focuses on career professionals who belong to different industry backgrounds. The admission to this MBA program is extremely selective due to its free of cost  feature, and you need to fulfil the following requirements to get qualified after the admission procedure: 

  • Minimum 2 Years Of Relevant Work Experience
  • Proficiency In English Language
  • A Bachelor’s Or Undergraduate Degree In Any Stream  


The duration of the complete course is for 11 months. 

Class Sessions 

Students have to attend lecture sessions of 5 to 15 hours per week for completing the course within the stipulated period. 

Size Of The Class 

Each class of Free MBA contains 150 to 200 students.


During the 11-month Free MBA course, you need to study 9 necessary topics which include – 

  • Accounting 
  • Market & Economics 
  • Data & Decisions 
  • Marketing & Pricing 
  • Leading Organizations 
  • Finance 
  • Supply Chain & Operations 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategy 

Tuition Fees 

Though it is difficult to believe in this era of expensive higher education, the tuition fees of this MBA program is entirely free. However, you may need to pay a nominal fee for attending optional excursions or group events. 

Executive MBA Program Of Smartly 

The highly rewarded Executive MBA program of Smartly focuses on mid-career professionals who are willing to take their career in an elevated path and receive better opportunities. 

Objective Of The Executive MBA Program 

People often get stuck into their career path due to the lack of skills and upgraded knowledge in the professional field. The Executive MBA program offered by Smartly guides the mid-career profession to reach new heights of success and enhance their practical skills. 

Criteria Of Admission

The Executive MBA program of Smartly is made to offer mid-career professionals a new direction in their careers. To apply and get selected for this Executive MBA program, you must adhere to the following requirements – 

  • Fluency In English Language 
  • Minimum 5 Years Of Relevant Work Experience 
  • An Undergraduate Or Bachelor’s  Degree In Any Stream 


The executive MBA program covers a total period of 13 months. 

Class Sessions 

Students need to attend 5 to 15 hours of lecture sessions every week.  

Size Of The Class 

There are 150 to 200 students in each class of Executive MBA program. 


The 11-month MBA course consists of 8 compulsory topics to complete. 

  • Accounting 
  • Markets & Economics 
  • Data & Decisions 
  • Marketing & Pricing 
  • Leading Organizations 
  • Finance 
  • Operations Management   
  • Strategy 

Besides the necessary topics, you need to complete at least 3 specialised subjects from the following ones. 

  • Advanced Corporate- Level Strategy Specialization
  • Advanced Finance Specialization 
  • Data Analysis Specialization 
  • Advanced Statistical Inference
  • Data Analysis Specialization 
  • Startup Entrepreneurship Specialization 
  • Strategic Thinking Specialization 
  • Supply Chain & Operations Management Specialization 
  • US Business Law Specialization 

Tuition Fees 

According to the current cycle, the total fees for pursuing an Executive MBA program is 9600 USD unless the student gets access to any scholarship during the application procedure. You can contact Quantic Business School Online(https://quantic.edu/tuition-assistance/students) to know about the tuition reimbursement offered by specific companions who employ Smartly MBA graduates

How Are Candidates Selected For Smartly MBA? 

Smartly selects candidates based on their accomplishments in academia and career. The mindfulness and honesty of their applications are taken into account as well. A brief interview session is also organised between the student and the admission team to get a more comprehensive idea about his or her abilities. The final aim of Smartly is to select passionate and young career professionals who have the potential to lead businesses. 

Why Is A Smartly MBA Worthwhile? 

If you are still sceptical about why you should choose to pursue the Smartly MBA, then here are the reasons which make the course worthwhile to give it a try!

  • Smartly rewards students with globally recognised certificates after the completion of the course from Quantic Online Business School. 
  • During your course curriculum, you can participate in different workshops, group events and networking weekends all around the big global cities. 
  • You can access the mobile-friendly courses with much more ease from any convenient location.  
  • After completing the course, you get a great scope of finding employment through the active network of Smartly Talent. 
  • You get a chance to become a member of Smartly’s diverse community of employers, existing students, alumnus and working professionals. It helps you to receive better exposure to social learning.  

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a working professional, you are always welcome at the Free or Executive MBA program of Smartly according to the admission criteria. So, apply for the Smartly MBA ( https://quantic.edu/) soon and receive significant accomplishments in your career. 

Smartly MBA Review

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