San Diego State University (SDSU) MBA Program: Acceptance Rate, Admission Procedure, Eligibility Criteria, Ranking, Application Deadline, Tution Fees (2021 Update)

SDSU MBA Program: Acceptance Rate, Admission Procedure, Eligibility Criteria, Ranking, Application Deadline, Tution Fees

Written by Sayan Pal

December 6, 2020


Introducing SDSU MBA Program

San Diego State University (SDSU) has provided a globally focused as well as business oriented graduation program in the southern California region of the United States.

This MBA provides a rock-solid platform for the students who want to move forward towards their future professional or academic career goals.

The program is ranked top in order and it is AACSB accredited. The main priority of the SDSU MBA program is to develop leadership skills in every student. one the main assets of this program is the highly qualified faculty members who are always eager to help the students make right choices in their career paths, another factor that enriches our program is the globally connected alumni network. Students who are enrolled for this program can connect with the globally established alumni and learn from their experience and knowledge as well.

This program is provided for the students who want to access and learn through an intense academic environment and have practical industrial experiences.

The students enrolled for this program take 45 total units which consists of 15 classes. The duration of the course is 1.5-2 years.

Program structure:

The main focus of the SDSU MBA program is to develop general management skills. Apart from class room works, there are multiple activities of projects, presentations and written reports that help to develop student’s innate capability to learn and manage a competitive business environment. This program also prioritizes developing strategic and analytical perspective in every student so that they can solve business problems and analyze every opportunity in their future career.

The SDSU full-time  MBA program consists of 15-21 units of core courses that cover subjects such as statistical analysis, marketing and financial management. There are also 18 units of elective courses and among the 18 units, 12 can be chosen for a specialization.

The elective courses cover subjects such as accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, health services administration, information systems, international business, management, marketing, project management and supply chain management.

This MBA program is structured to develop managing skills of a firm’s life cycle.

Management can customize the firm’s growth from start up to a long lived publicly-traded enterprise.

The  management skills also help to choose a firm’s business strategy, a strategy that best fits its functioning environment.

A management strategy is structured around the three notions:

Business strategy: This analytical strategy decides the profitable markets to serve, and also plans the way to compete in the markets.

Financial strategy: This strategy decides the funding, source of composition and other terms and conditions.

Implementation strategy: This strategy resolves around the designing of the enterprise, routine and architecture, implementation culture etc.

The SDSU MBA program consists of these strategic learning processes, the format of learning here is both lecture and case study.

Core courses:

The MBA program consists of seven core courses. Students who have completed their graduation in a business-centered field can take one core course with approval from their graduate advisor. It is instructed to speak with an advisor for more information.

The courses are:

  1. Statistical analysis
  2. Organizational Behavior and leadership
  3. Financial and Management Accounting
  4. Business Economics
  5. Marketing
  6. Operations and Supply chain management
  7. Financial Management

Business Strategy course:

After students complete the seven core courses, they will study a business strategy course. This course can be taken after the completion of all seven core classes.

Elective courses:

Every student needs to complete 18 units of elective courses, students who want to specialize in a particular area need to obtain 12 units of elective courses( in their area of emphasis).

The electives courses are:

  1. MBA Accounting Specialization
  2. MBA Entrepreneurship Specialization
  3. MBA Finance Specialization
  4. MBA Health Services Administration Specialization
  5. MBA Information Systems Specialization
  6. MBA marketing Specialization
  7. MBA Project Management Specialization
  8. MBA Supply Chain Management Specialization

How to apply for SDSU MBA:

There are five steps to apply for the SDSU MBA program. They are as follows:

  1. Cal State apply: students need to apply to San Diego State University through cal state apply by 1st March( fall enrollment) or 1st November (Spring enrollment).
  2. SDSU Web-portal: Students will receive an email from San Diego State University  within 15 days of submitting their Cal State application. The email will have their RedID number which is the student identification number. Students can create their own SDSU Web-portal account by using this identification number.
  3. Submit documents: Students must submit official transcripts ( issued from their last attended institution) through email or post.
  4. Submit test scores: students don’t need to submit GRE or GMAT exams scores  for spring 2021 and fall 2021 sessions.
  5. Submit Program documents:  Students need to submit an application by April 15 for fall sessions or November 15 for spring enrollment. The components that should be in the application are: Resume, Essays, Letter of recommendation and Optional essay.

Eligibility Criteria: 

The average GMAT score for the enrollment of this course is around 610, students who score below 540 are rarely admitted.

For the scores of GRE the admission committee prefers 65th percentile or above on each section.

Generally there is no criteria regarding the work experience, but at least two years of work experience is suitable for the competitive admission process.

Application deadline:

Fall enrollment: March 1
Spring enrollment: November 1 

SDSU MBA program cost:

  1. Per year tuition (in-state): $29,958
  2. Per year tuition (out-of-state): $37,086

For more detailed information please visit this link

Class profile:

  1. Students enrolled in the full time MBA program: 230
  2. Percentage of male students: 54%
  3. Percentage of female students: 46%
  4. International distinct students: 38%
  5. Average age: 28
  6. Average GMAT score: 582

SDSU MBA Ranking:

  1. Sports Business average salary: 1st
  2. Undergrad International Business: 4th
  3. Entrepreneurship: 14th
  4. Part-time MBA program: 34th
  5. Undergraduate Business program: 50th
  6. Business school: Best
  7. Best for vets: 62th

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