The Georgetown MBA Program – Full and Flex MBA (Updated in 2021)

Georgetown MBA

Written by Sayan Pal

November 24, 2020


The  Georgetown  MBA Program

The Georgetown  McDonough business school is providing  the MBA program which is intended to acquaint and furnish the students for the world wide platform.  The program is the perfect stage, built for students  to unfold and express their true )capabilities. This program is also backed by the unparalleled access , which is exclusively provided by DC.

The Georgetown MBA program is  divided into two parts for the convenience of the students,

  1. The Full-time Program
  2. The Flex MBA program

The full time program is for those students who can devote  themselves fully into this program, on the other hand  the Flex program, which was started in 2019 is designed for the part time students.

The two programs will be conducted by the same  enthusiastic  faculty, furthermore the students can eventually forge their connections with more than 190000 alumni and will be provided specialized  support from our MBA Career center.

There are many  attractive aspects for the students to take this course.

 Firstly, they can live and stay connected within the outstanding location of Washington DC.

 Secondly , The community of this place is culturally diversified , and the program has  strong bonding with the diplomatic community, so students have the opportunity to access the  exposure of other cultural activities as well.

Thirdly, many international events take place regularly at the embassies of the city.

There are still other enthusiastic facilities for students. One of the prime of them is the campus, students can enjoy the beautiful campus  during their two years of study here. The majestic exposure of  the Healy Hall , the overlooks of the Potomac river from the hilltop, and the view from the library room , exclusive for graduate students. 

The structure of the Georgetown MBA program:

In the introductory part , students can see that the program is divided into two parts for their convenience , 

  1. Full time MBA program
  2. Flex MBA program.

Full time MBA Program:

 This program is provided by Georgetown McDonough Business  School. Through the program  each student’s  ethics and  leadership skills are nourished , and made  academically sound. The degree that is given in this course end is based upon the expressing result of those skills. The students studying this course will be prepared to face today’s world, which is immensely developing it’s business and trading atmosphere. The development of the global mindset among the students is one of the primary and fundamental priorities of this program.

Throughout the  program the complex coursework, experiential learning as well as the application of the case method is the methodology of study, this methodology is also designed to increase  the engagement of students and the faculty members. The core curriculum which is sufficiently challenged   mainly emphasizes the development of  ethical leadership quality. There are also specialized elective courses  for the students so that they can design their own course work  and develop their skill set  to adapt to the world wide professional marketplace.

The students start their program by  choosing specialised classes  including, finance, marketing, strategy, decision sciences, economics,  and management. From the starting of the second semester , the students opting for the full time course  start to design their courses  by choosing elective courses with other core courses.

Flex MBA Program:

This program is also provided by Georgetown McDonough Business School. This course is provided for the students who are working elsewhere  and also aspiring to achieve something higher while continuing their own careers. This program is also taught and conducted by the same faculty of the full time program, the program is also consisted of same core courses, and also the degree which is given at the end of the program is same as the full time program. The program  is greatly flexible, and provide good relaxation of 26-60months in duration of the degree.

The main aspects and plus points that this course offers is,

The same academic environment  as the full time program:

The curriculum as well as the well known enthusiastic professors , all are the same as the full time MBA program. The degree also contains the same value as the full time course.

The connection and exposure:

Students can become the part of the highly academic as well as professional community , by taking the classes of this program with 55-65 students.

The relaxation of the program duration:

This degree provides the grand relaxation period of 26-60 months, so that the students who are working elsewhere can  design their life , their professions with their academic activities.

Relaxed course optimization:

Students can choose their elective courses  from a variety of courses and formats, students can choose weekend Saturday elective classes  and design their aspired career.

Technological diversity:

Students can access  the hybrid elective courses, which can be accessed online from any corner of the globe.

How to apply :

Constructing the MBA application is a time consuming process, to apply for this course each  student has to submit one written essay , one video essay, one letter of recommendation  and  unofficial documents.

The admission committee will grant the applications which include these  following assessments and documents;

  1. GMAT/GRE/Executive Assessment
  2. Transcripts
  3. Essays
  4. Resume
  5. Recommendations
  6. Application fee

(International applicants and re-applicants need to submit other additional applications and documents)

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Application Deadlines

Round 1: September 28, 2020

Round 2: January 6, 2021

Round 3: March 29, 2021

Round 4: April 26, 2021

For the students who want to apply for this program and to know about the deadline dates,

Eligibility criteria:

The students who are aspiring to take this course  should meet the mentioned criteria:

  1. Three years of full time work experiences as of July 31,2021
  2. Undergraduate GPA of 3.4  minimum( international GPA equivalent subject to the review)
  3. Student should have done any quantitative coursework in any of the following two ways

Either:  Achieved  minimum B in at least  two quantitative courses ( courses like accounting, finance, statistics, calculus, quantitative methods< math, physics) in their previous academic  activities)

Or: the student should have earned  a professional certificate  like CPA or CFA.

Fees of Georgetown MBA program:

The student who is qualified in the selection process needs to submit the tuition fee of $63879 per year. Also, the total cost of this program is likely to be $95047, adding the living fees.

Tuition fees: $63879 (average)

Living expenses: $31,168(average)

Total cost for this program: $95047 (average)

Acceptance rate for this program:

According to several sources, the rate of the student accepting for this program is 47.5%. The acceptance rate is recorded according to the applicant profile who are enrolled in this program.

The average GMAT score for this program is 694. The GMAT score range is between 650-740

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