UConn MBA Program: Cost, Ranking, Acceptance Rate, Admission Procedure, Eligibility criteria, Class profile (2021 Update)

UConn MBA Program: Cost, Ranking, Acceptance Rate, Admission Procedure, Eligibility criteria, Class profile

Written by Debadrita Saha

December 13, 2020


Introduction to UConn MBA

At the University of Connecticut, the core curriculum is divided into two years including integrated coursework and milestone experience to broaden one’s foundation and understanding in multiple business divisions.Courses in the curriculum hone a student’s performance in these three vitalareas: business foundations, core functional knowledge and lastly business leadership with a focus on self-leadership, sustainability and ethics.

Course Structure

The required core curriculum is of 36 credits and is primarily completed in a student’s first year. A portion of this curriculum may also be fulfilled by students in their second year of the program. The two year UConn MBA course includes the following modules:

  • Business Foundations- This module covers fundamental concepts, classical inference procedures and skills for interpretation of business data. Topics include Core Statistics, Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Analysis, Foundations of Economic Environments and Business, Law and Ethics in Modern Society.
  • Core Functional Knowledge- This module addresses core concepts to build a solid understanding of key functional business areas like marketing, operations, IT, accounting, and finance. Particularly applicable to business leaders to integrate their responsibilities with others in the organization. Course content includes Cost Analysis and Control, Financial Accounting and Reporting, Financial Management, Introduction to Data Analytics, Management Information Systems, Marketing Management and Operations Management.
  • Business Leadership- The components focus on developing a strategic, global perspective in decision making to build sustainable organisations. It also focuses on self-leadership skills, helping students strengthen their abilities to understand, communicate with and motivate others to perform in ethical and value-creating ways. The module includes: Motivating Individuals and Teams, Communicating for Impact- Modules A and B, Organizational behaviour in context, Sustainability in the Global Business Environment, Strategy Policy and Planning
  • Experiential Learning Milestone- Experiential Learning is one of the most important pillars of the learning model at the UConn School of Business. There is a vast range of ways in which students can meet this milestone including, but not limited to Accelerator Projects, Internships or Co-ops, Group Student Projects and Individual Student Projects which can incorporate student start-ups. With aided guidance from staff and faculty, students can decide how this milestone can be met.

Eligibility Criteria

Each applicant is carefully evaluated for demonstration of strong test scores, a positive attitude, outstanding academic performance and strong values. UConn seeks strong communication skills, leadership traits, quality of work experience and potential for success with a UConn MBA degree. The following are basic requirements for admission consideration:

• Two years of minimum, professional, full-time work experience is required. Military work experience is valid. A business background is not required, as the student body is quite diverse at the University of Connecticut, ranging from business to the sciences, non-profits, engineering, political sciences etc. Recruiters prefer to see significant pre-MBA work when hiring for summer internships.

• Both GMAT and GRE examinations are accepted, as well as scores from their online versions. Cut-off scores are not utilized, however, middle 50% GMAT scores (between 600 and 680) and middle 50% of GRE scores (between 307 and 315) are expected.

• All applicants are required to hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from regionally accredited college or university. A 3 years bachelor’s degree from India, Canada or Australia is not considered to be equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree. A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 is expected on an applicant’s four-year bachelor’s degree or the final two-year GPA. A 3.0 GPA on any Master’s level completed coursework or degree is expected but you may still apply if your GPA is below the required minimum. 

• If English is not an applicant’s primary language, evidence of proficiency in English must be submitted. UConn does not accept TOEFL Institutional Testing Program (TOEFL ITP) results unless they are from UConn. Applicants may use results from one of the following standardized tests to satisfy UConn’s requirements: Internet-based test– iBT, Old or New Paper-based test – PBT, TOEFL test, IELTS test, PTE test, a Duolingo test.

How To Apply

If you are planning on applying for the UConn MBA program, here are a few things to keep in mind:

• Applications are taken via UConn’s online application system. Applicants will use the username and password they create to access their online application during the application process. The username and password are also required to check the status of an applicant’s admission.

• An application fee of $75 must be paid online with a credit card. Unless otherwise noted, no waivers, deferments, or refunds of application fee is granted.

• Applicants will be asked to upload unofficial transcripts, essays and other documents in PDF, JPEG or JPG formats.

• Once the online application is completed and submitted, applicants will be able to check the status of their application as well as access their admission decisions online. It will not be possible to make any changes to the online application, except to upload unofficial transcripts. 

Admission Procedure

Once all required application material is received, the completed application will be reviewed by the UConn MBA Admissions Committee. Select candidates will be chosen to receive interview invitations and all interviews will be conducted through an online platform called Kira Talent. The interview will consist of five random questions that an applicant is required to record and submit.

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Course Fee

The tuition fee is different for resident and international students for the UConn MBA program. The tuition fee is $16,908 for domestic students whereas it is $38,820 for international students. There are other additional fees to be paid, which is the same for domestic and international students.

  • Hartford University Fee- $112
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Fee- $468
  • Student Activity Fee- $32
  • Graduate Matriculation Fee- $84
  • Transit Fee- $40
  • Technology Fee- $150

There are also supplementary expenses related to living, books, health insurance parking and incidentals, etc.

Application Deadline

Applicants are required to remember the application deadline dates for the UConn MBA program. Different rounds of application exist with respective deadlines for submission of applications.

Round 1– The application deadline date is November 1

Round 2– The application deadline date is February 1

Round 3– The application deadline date is April 1

Round 4– The application deadline date is June 1


The UConn MBA program is ranked 63 in National Universities and placed 23 in Top Public Schools.

Acceptance Rate

The admission process for UConn’s MBA course is highly selective with an acceptance rate of 48.8%. A significant number of applicants admitted to UConn have an SAT score between 1190 and 1390 or an ACT score of 26 and 32.

Completing the application will require time and effort but it can be a rewarding process during which applicants can learn more about themselves. The UConn MBA program is structured to challenge one’s intellect, enhance life skills and prepare students for the highly competitive world of business administration. Every application is read carefully and the UConn School of Business provides applicants with an opportunity to contemplate past success, as well as work towards future aspirations. 

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