University of North Florida (UNF) MBA: Cost, Ranking, Acceptance Rate, Admission Procedure, Eligibility criteria, Class profile (2021 Update)


Written by Sayan Pal

January 30, 2021


The University of North Florida has provided a unique MBA program which is associated with the Coggin College of Business. This business school holds its position and dignity as it has always emphasized academic superiority through it’s engaging curriculums and professional faculty members. One of the main focuses of the UNF MBA program is to build up a general management perspective and to provide an intense academic study in the following subjects:

  1. Accounting
  2. Economics
  3. Decision sciences
  4. Finance
  5. Management
  6. Marketing

During this program, special emphasis has always been given to policy formulations, and interrelated subject matters of business disciplines. There are also subjects added due to the demand of 21st century business education. The subjects are:

  1. Applications in ethics
  2. Applications of total quality management
  3. International business
  4. Information technology
  5. Value based engagement

The main aim of this MBA program is to well qualify it’s students, so that they can successfully approach for the positions of leadership in business and marketing institutions. There are a large variety of methods used to study, such as case analysis, group work, team building exercises.

Primary factors about this program:

  1. This MBA program consists of 36 credit hours
  2. Core business curriculum consists of 27 credits which helps to build up the knowledge around the various fields of business management.
  3. Opportunities of acquiring industry specific knowledge through the electives and extracurricular courses.
  4. Special nourishment and career guidance by Coggin Career Management Center Staff.
  5. Availability of Graduate Assistantships programs.

UNF MBA program curriculum:


Students should have completed before aspiring in other MBA courses. If they are in need to obtain prerequisites, they have to obtain an override in the semester they plan to take the course. The courses are as followed:

  1. Financial accounting (3 credits)
  2. Economic analysis ( 3 credits)
  3. Financial management (3 credits)
  4. Cornerstones of management (3 credits)
  5. Fundamentals of marketing ( 3 credits)

Major courses:

These courses can be obtained in the semesters in which they are provided. The courses are as follows:

  1. ACG6305 Management Accounting ( 3 credits)

           Accounting majors have to substitute ACG6309 for ACG6305

  1. ECO6415 Making decisions with data ( 3 credits)
  2. ECP6705 Economics of Business decision (3 credits)
  3. FIN6406 Advanced Financial Management (3 credits)

                Co-requisite of ECO 6415

  1. ISM 6021 Mgmt Information Technology (3 credits)

               Accounting majors should substitute ACG 6405 for ISM 6021 ( if CPA credit is desired)

  1. MAN6501 Modeling/ Management Operations (3 credits)

                    Prerequisite ECO6415

  1. MAR6805 Marketing strategy (3 credits)
  2. MAN6726 Advanced strategic Management (3 credits)

MAN 6726 is an exclusive course, and it is compulsory to take this course in the final semester, students should have a 3.0 GPA before aspiring for this course.

Electives or Concentration:

Elective courses consist of 9 credits,  students can use one faculty based study abroad at the 6000- level of their curriculum.

The students can take up to three courses from numerous options. The elective options are:

(Excluding; ACG6005, BUL6138, ECO6060, FIN6407, MAN 6002, MAN 6536, MAN 6724, MAR 6055)

The concentration courses are as follows:

  1. Accounting
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Marketing analytics
  5. Construction management
  6. International business
  7. Sports management
  8. E-business
  9. Logistics
  10. Economics
  11. Management applications

Eligibility criteria:

The eligibility criteria for getting enrolled in this course are:

  1. Students must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution, or its equivalent to any institution abroad.
  2. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all works participated in the last 60 credit hours of undergraduate degree.
  3. Official transcripts, foreign evaluations from all post-secondary institutions attended.

Admission procedure:

Students can choose any condition from the below:

  1. Aspirant who has a bachelor’s degree in any business field from an AACSB accredited institution with minimum 3.0 GPA in his/her last 60 hours will get a high chance to be admitted directly into the MBA program. The student has no need to submit or appear in the GRE or GMAT examinations.
  2. Aspirants with an obtained Master’s degree from an accredited program at a regionally accredited institution can be admitted directly into the UNF MBA program without GRE or GMAT scores.
  3. Aspirants who don’t qualify through the two above mentioned criterias, can be admitted based upon a composite score which consists an index formula, including both the last 60 undergraduate GPA and and the GRE or GMAT exam marks (appeared within 5 years). For GRE the minimum criteria is 300, and for GMAT the minimum criteria is 470. The Coggin Advising Office will determine the aspirant’s program of study, based upon an evaluation of his/her transcripts.
  4. Aspirants who can not qualify the admission procedure through the three above mentioned criterias, can be admitted provisionally by the Coggin Advising Office after a complete verification.

For more details about the admission procedure please visit:

Application deadline:

  1. Fall term: August 9
  2. Spring term: December 21
  3. Summer term: April 26

UNF MBA program fees:

The UNF MBA program costs $1300. This amount is designed to cover all the expenses which are linked with student activities like, thesis and cultural workshops, alumni networking events, business and cultural visits etc.

  1. Tuition and fees: INR 12,66,747
  2. Insurance: INR 1,50,316
  3. Application fee: INR 2264
  4. Activity and services fee: INR 13,885
  5. Athletic fee: INR 26185
  6. Health fee: INR 5509
  7. Technology fee: INR 7169
  8. Student life and services fee: INR 7169
  9. Miscellaneous fee: INR 13,960
  10. Transportation: INR 5509
  11. Total: INR 2,31,966

Acceptance Rate:

  1. Applied: 311
  2. Accepted: 160
  3. Enrolled: 99
  4. Percentage: 51%
  5. Minimum GMAT: 470
  6. Minimum GRE: 300

Class profile:

  1. Hispanic/Latino:  4.35%
  2. Black or African American: 8.15%
  3. White or caucessian: 69%
  4. American Indian:  0%
  5. Asian: 5.43%
  6. Native hawaian or Pacififc Islander: 0%
  7. Two or more races: 4.62%
  8. Unknown: 0.82%
  9. Male: 57%
  10. Female: 42%

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