UT Austin MBA: Ranking, Costs, Acceptance Rate, Eligibility Criteria, Application Deadline, Application Procedure (2021 Update)

UT Austin MBA: Ranking, Costs, Acceptance Rate, Eligibility Criteria, Application Deadline, Application Procedure

Written by Sayan Pal

November 30, 2020



The UT Austin MBA Program has provided a special MBA program for the students which is called the Texas McCombs MBA. This program consists of two years and it is specially designed for the students to pursue limitless opportunities. The students can boost their career plans, develop their professional connectivity as well as work on their skill sets to embrace a leading career in their future profession.

Texas is one of the most business-minded cities and holds great opportunities for entrepreneurship. The students will complete the career with vast experiential knowledge and with diverse skill sets to obtain any professional or academic career that they can dream up.

The main priority of our program is to “educate, prepare, connect and support” the students. There are enthusiastic and helpful career consultants always available for the learners to ensure their right career paths for them, and to provide all the necessary materials. Every student also meets their peer advisor( a second year Texas MBA student) who was at the same way of career planning one year ago.

An MBA degree from Texas University is considered one of the most fruitful investments for career making. The UT Austin MBA program has been honoured  Best Value by the U.S. News and World Report. The students have the opportunity to earn six figure starting salaries with healthy signing bonuses.

One of the major benefits that a Texas UT student enjoys is that he/she can connect with more than 20,000 Texas MBA alumni and approximately 100,000 McCombs graduates. These connections are powerful ways to enhance the career paths.

The UT Austin MBA curriculum

The Texas MBA program consists of core curriculum and self-selected courses. It is delightful for the students that 70% of the program is self-selected. After one semester of core classes students will design and device their own curriculum.

The core curriculum that this program offers is a platform for the students to develop the skills of building, managing and leading any enterprise or sector. There are also more than 100 self-selected courses available for the students, there are also options for fellowships, students can participate in competitions as well as in competitive internships.


This MBA journey starts with an orientation where students sketch their career plans properly. The orientation is the platform where the students can observe and technically plan their two year journey. They are teamed with their cohort and begin to understand their self-selected concentration courses. Through the orientation program students can make themselves familiar with the course faculties and with the greater UT Austin community.

The first year (fall)

The journey of this program starts with the set of core course classes that enlighten the students with the essential knowledge to lead their own ways in the competitive global market. The subjects which consists the core curriculum are:

  1. Studies in accounting
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Economics
  5. Strategic career planning 
  6. A custom core class of student’s choice

Students also have the opportunity to take part in research based projects and competitive business internships.

The first year (spring)

In the spring season students can grow out of their core curriculum, and make this journey more customized, the students will attend their final core classes and then there are only electives for them until they graduate. Students will select their first two elective courses from 100+ self-selected courses. The faculty members and all the advising team are always ready to prepare students for obstacles. They will also provide all the necessary guidance for the summer internships.

The second year

The second year of this journey is mostly student-oriented. Students can fulfill their academic queries, expand their professional connectivity as well as creating a degree that is ideal for their future professional and academic career. In the second year the students will do outside course works e.g., conducting and leading student groups, close-analysis of the global economy and applying the business knowledge in the fellowship programs.

In the second year the career management team which is supported by the globally established and connected  alumni will help every student  to discover and obtain ideal careers for him/her.


The concentration courses are:

  1. Accounting
  2. Business Government
  3. Finance
  4. Interdisciplinary
  5. Management
  6. Marketing
  7. Operation and analytics

Admission procedure

The UT Austin MBA program conducts an admission program annually, and the classes start in August. The admission cycle consists of three rounds. The first two rounds prioritize the scholarships and fellowships.

How to apply

The process of applying for this program consists of five steps. They are:

  1. Prepare: In this part applicants collect their official transcripts, official test scores and send them to UT Austin.
  2. Submission: all the necessary application documents  need to be submitted by the submission deadline. The documents are:
  • Essays
  • Transcripts
  • Self-reported test scores 
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Resume
  1. Complete:  students pay the application fee. The application invoice will be available 1-2 business days after application submission. Students must complete their file with GIAC. GIAC verifies the validation of the test scores, transcripts and degrees which are submitted by students.
  2. Monitor: Once the students have submitted their application, they can monitor their applications status, the students must monitor their own inbox for the interview invitations in this meantime.
  3. Decision:  All applications are verified and reviewed in this stage. After releasing of the date, every student will receive an automated email  to understand their admission decision. 

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The Eligibility Criteria

The students who want to apply for the UT Austin MBA program, need to have an under-graduate or graduate degree. The potential in academic aptitude is highly appreciated. 

The students must appear in GMAT, GRE, EA or TOEFL exams and submit the scores at the time of application.


Round 1

Application due: October 13, 2020

Decision delivered: December 17, 2020

Enrollment Deposit Deadline: February 4, 2021

Round 2

Application due: January 5, 2021

Decision delivered: March 25, 2021

Enrollment Deposit deadline: April 22, 2021

Round 3 (Final deadline for international applicants)

Application due: March 30, 2021

Decision delivered: May 6, 2021

Enrollment deposit deadline: May 18, 2021

Round 4 ( U.S. Citizens and permanent residents only)

Application due: May 11, 2021

Decision delivered: June 17, 2021

Enrollment Deposit deadline: June 24, 2021


  1. Tuition fees: $51,020 (Texas resident) and $56,572 (Non-Texas and international residents)
  2. Student fees: $1000
  3. Laptop: $2500

Acceptance Rate (2020)

 Acceptance rate: 34.0%

Admits: 699

Applications received: 2078

Average GMAT: 703

Class profile

Class profile of UT Austin MBA program is as below

  1. Class size: 260
  2. Average age: 29
  3. Average years of work experience: 6
  4. Women: 40%
  5. U.S. Minority: 29%
  6. Underrepresented Minority: 16%
  7. International students: 20%
  8. Average GPA: 3.42
  9. Middle 80% GPA: 3.0-3.8
  10. Average GMAT score: 704
  11. Middle 80% GMAT range: 650-740

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