Wharton Executive MBA: Cost, Ranking, Acceptance Rate, Application Process, Eligibility Criteria (2021 Ultimate Guide)

Wharton Executive MBA Ranking Cost Acceptance Rate Eligibility Criteria Course Details

Written by Sayan Pal

November 26, 2020


Wharton Executive MBA

Wharton, University of Pennsylvania has provided the students a specialized MBA program which is called the executive MBA program, or the EMBA program. This program is not confined to provide just a  business education, but the students are also provided the opportunity to gain transformative knowledge, furthermore, the Wharton EMBA program prioritizes to develop student’s innate skill of powerful network which will boost their professional career to grow.

The program has been conducted in both the campuses of Wharton, in Philadelphia and San Francisco. The MBA program is open to modification, students can obtain the entire Wharton MBA degree in a part-time routine over the two-year curriculum.

The Wharton Executive MBA program has a vast spectrum of usage, student can express their knowledge and experience from this program to move forward in their current thriving industrial career, as well as to shift their professional roles and jobs, or to forge an entirely new business and trading setup.

More about the Wharton Executive MBA program

The executive MBA program also called the EMBA program is specially schemed and scheduled for the students who are engaged in their professional careers and want to continue their academic qualification while attending their profession as well. The curriculums of this program diverse but most of them offer weekend classes for the convenience of the students.

Program structure

The EMBA program offers an academically sound and helpful environment for students. The core curriculum that this program provides is multi-functional and prioritizes the development the business fundamental skills like leadership, communication and, analytical perspective among the students which plays a critical and important role for their future academic and professional success. 

In the second year, the electives will be available for the students to develop more than one area of their choice. The course offers the students to study and learn worldwide which makes the students a part of global knowledge gatherer.

The core curriculum

The core curriculum, that the program offers are,

Leadership essentials

  1. Foundations of teamwork and leadership
  2. Management Commmunication
  3. Responsibility in Global Management

Analytical foundations

  1. microeconomics  for managers
  2. regression analysis for business
  3. managing the productive core of the firm: business analytics

Business foundations

  1. managing the productive core of the firm: operations strategy  
  2. managing the productive core of the firm: quality and productivity
  3. fundamentals of financial and managerial accounting
  4. corporate finance
  5. macroeconomics and the global economic environment
  6. managing the enterprise 
  7. marketing management
  8. marketing strategy

The electives

In the second year of this program, every student will take part in the selection process of courses from more than 200 courses. Students can also change their base campuses for one term if their selected courses are not available in their original campus. Through the experiences and knowledge gained from this program, the students can lift themselves in their professional course-works as well as it helps to pursue the ranks of upper-level rank and leadership.

In the second year, the students can also take up subjects like entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, strategic management. There is also scope for students to sketch a  study project freely, and to do deep research work in that project with one of our faculty members.

Some courses which are recently selected by the classes:

  1. advanced corporate finance
  2. corporate development: mergers and acquisitions
  3. entrepreneurship through acquisition 
  4. financial derivatives
  5. formation and implementation of entrepreneurial ventures
  6. global modular courses 
  7. innovation
  8. international corporate finance
  9. introduction to real estate
  10. managing organizational change
  11. marketing research
  12. marketing strategy
  13. negotiations
  14. new product development
  15. pricing policy
  16. risk and crisis management 
  17. strategy and competitive advantage
  18. technology strategy 
  19. venture capital and the finance of innovation


Majors are not the intimate part of the Wharton Executive MBA program but the majors can be taken up by the EMBA students if they want to pursue their area of interest

The major courses which can be pursued within the EMBA program are:

  1. Entrepreneurial management
  2. Finance
  3. Management
  4. Marketing
  5. Strategic management

How to apply for the Wharton EMBA Program

The aspirants who want to get enrolled in the EMBA program must submit the complete online application. The complete application consists of the following elements.

  1. Start an online application
  2. Schedule an interview and phone chat
  3. Submit two online recommendations
  4. Answer three essay questions 
  5. Submit standardized test scores
  6. Submit sponsorship letter
  7. Send official transcripts
  8. Submit the online application

To start online application, click here

Admission procedure:

Online application

A student is recognized as an aspirant in the admission system of the University when he/she starts the online application form. It is imperative for every aspirant, not to complete the online application form before filling up other parts of the application, which consists of background details, contact details, academic qualifications, professional achievements, and family background details(which is optional).


All the aspirants who apply for this program will go through an interview with one of the members of the admission system, the interview date should be determined by the applicant before he starts his application, applicants also need to submit their resume at the time of the interview, the interviews are now conducted through phone and until further notifications, they will be conducted in the same medium.

Letters of recommendations

Each aspirant who starts their application process needs to submit two online recommendations for your co-workers, direct managers, clients, or other employers.

For more details about the admission procedure, the applicants are directed to visit the website:

Eligibility criteria

Application criteria

There are no rigid  and predetermined  requirements regarding the age limit or the working period, but a good application for this program should complete the following criterias:

  1. Work experience of minimum 8 years
  2. Applicant’s work in a managerial post for minimum 5years
  3. An undergraduate degree or equivalent
  4. The experience or the potential to achieve a senior management post
  5. The applicants should submit the written endorsements from their professional work sector, as a confirmation that their work sector supports the applicant and the application that he is going to submit and that they will understand the applicant’s time schedules to fulfill the requirements of attendance and study. Nearly 70% applicants who get enrolled in this program get full or partial backing from their work sector.

Academic criteria

Every aspirant must submit the standardized exam results like the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), OR Execute assessment (EA), Execute assessment test is for the applicants who have  8 years of full-time professional job experience. For others, it is necessary to submit the GRE or GMAT score.

Wharton Executive MBA Application deadline

For the student’s convenience, the applications are taken in two rounds, the application deadlines of the two rounds are:

  1. Round 1: December 2, 2020 (11.59 p.m. PST)
  2. Round 2: February 10, 2021(11.59 p.m. PST)

Wharton Executive MBA course cost

The fees for the two-year program for joining the class in session 2020 is $210,900. The fees include:

  1. Tuition
  2. Student fees
  3. Most course materials
  4. Room and board
  5. Case study room for you and your study team
  6. Land package for the MBA Program for executives Global business week.

Wharton Executive MBA Rankings

The Wharton EMBA program is the world’s one of the greatest EMBA programs at this time, holding 3rd rank in the world’s best executive MBA program comparison.

Wharton Executive MBA Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate for the EMBA program is 44%, and the required GMAT score to enroll in the program is 710.

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